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Dropsets (or reduction sets) are a popular intensity technique. With them, you can increase your training intensity enormously. Dropsets are performed without rest after finishing the last regular set of an exercise.

In dropsets, you reduce the weight (usually by about 30%) immediately after the last set of an exercise without resting and perform the maximum number of reps you can with the new weight. It is important that your technique remain perfect during these reps. If you reach muscular failure or if your form starts to break down, stop the dropset.

Usually, at least one dropset is done with this technique. However, you can also do several dropsets (multi-step reduction sets) in a row. For this you reduce the weight after a dropset again by the same percentage and perform as many repetitions as possible once again, now with the further reduced weight.

You can repeat this process as many times as you like. However, usually only up to three dropsets are done. If you do several dropsets, you do not pause between each dropset. So you train without pausing until you reach muscular failure in the last dropset.

With this intensity technique you increase the metabolic stress in your muscle and send a strong signal for muscle building. It can be used to set new training stimuli or to overcome a training plateau. Often this technique is used to compensate for weak points.

Another side effect of dropsets is a better pump. Through the many repetitions, your blood circulation is promoted and you get a stronger pump.

In principle, you can work with dropsets after each exercise. However, you should not overdo them, because with the high intensity also comes a very high load on your central nervous system. If you overdo it, your muscles may not be able to effectively recover. This is absolutely not beneficial.

In addition, dropsets are most suitable for less complex exercises whose technique is not demanding. So, for example, perform dropsets after curls rather than after squats.

Dropsets are more suitable for advanced athletes. They are not recommended for beginners, because the intensity would be much too high. In addition, perfect exercise execution is required, which beginners usually still need to learn.

With the Alpha Progression App, you can create a training plan with dropsets tailored to you and your training goals or integrate dropsets into your existing training plan.

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