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Intensity techniques

Intensity techniques

There are several training strategies known as intensity techniques. These are used to increase the intensity of your workout and to exhaust your muscles to the maximum. Bodybuilders and strength athletes often use these strategies to maximize muscle growth and strength gains.

Examples of such intensity techniques are dropsets, supersets, and giant sets.

A dropset (reduction set) is a technique where you perform one set until failure, then immediately lower the weight and perform more reps. This way, you can still work the muscle even if your strength decreases. For example, you can do 8 reps with a heavy weight, lower the weight and do another 8 reps, then reduce the weight again and do another 8 reps.

A superset involves doing two exercises in a row without rest. You can do this with two exercises targeting the same muscle group or two exercises targeting different muscle groups. For example, you can do a set of triceps presses right after biceps curls. This way, you can achieve a higher total workload in less time.

You perform four or more exercises in a row without taking a break in a giant set. Only experienced athletes should use this technique. Giant sets allow you to create massive stimuli by focusing on a single muscle group or using a few exercises targeting different muscle groups.

By incorporating these intensity techniques into your strength training, you can overcome plateaus and reach new highs in strength and muscle growth.

With the Alpha Progression App, you can create a training plan with different intensity techniques or integrate these techniques into your existing plan.

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