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Reps in Reserve

Reps in Reserve

Anyone wishing to progress in their strength training should have a solid understanding of the "Reps in Reserve (RIR)" principle. You will be able to advance your training and accomplish your goals by knowing what RIR is and how to apply it.

RIR allows you to track how much work you put into each set and how close you are to failure. Failure is when you can no longer complete another rep with perfect form. You calculate RIR by subtracting the number of reps you could perform if you reached failure from the number of reps you performed. For instance, if you could have done 8 reps, but you only did 6, you had 2 RIR.

You can assess how close you are to failure by monitoring your RIR and making necessary adjustments. If you constantly hit RIR values of 3 or above, then you could definitely be pushing yourself harder. On the other hand, if you're consistently reaching failure or hitting RIR values of 0 or 1, it could be time to think about using lighter weights or adjusting your sets and reps.

You can accomplish your goals and track progress by combining RIR with a comprehensive strength training program. Using the Alpha Progression app, you can create personalized workout plans, keep track of your sets and reps, and measure your progress over time. You'll always be aware of where you stand and what you need to do to progress optimally.

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