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Arginine is an amino acid that can be found in a variety of foods, including meat, dairy, and nuts. Additionally, it is offered as a dietary supplement. As you may have heard, there are a few reasons why arginine might be utilized as a pre-workout supplement.

L-arginine is the naturally occurring and biologically relevant form of arginine in the human body.

Increased blood flow is one of arginine's primary benefits. This is true because arginine is a building block for nitric oxide, which expands blood vessels. Greater blood flow through dilated blood vessels can increase muscle pump during exercise. This is why taking arginine before a workout may cause some people to feel their muscles "tingle."

Increasing muscle endurance is another potential advantage of arginine. This is because arginine can aid in lowering the buildup of lactic acid in muscles during exercise. A byproduct of muscle metabolism called lactic acid can make muscles painful and tired. You might be able to complete more reps or sets before getting tired with the help of arginine because it lowers the quantity of lactic acid in your muscles.

It's crucial to remember that additional research is required to prove these advantages of arginine. Additionally, there have been a variety of outcomes from studies on arginine and exercise performance. While some studies have found no effect, others have indicated that arginine can help to increase exercise performance.

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