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Bioelectrical impedance analysis

Bioelectrical impedance analysis

You probably use several strategies to track your strength and muscle growth progress. Fitness enthusiasts benefit from bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA).

BIA is a sophisticated yet simple method that involves much more than simply stepping on a scale to determine your body composition. This technique sends a secure and harmless low-level electrical pulse through your body.

Standing on a BIA device or scale causes a small electrical current to go through your body. You won't feel a thing, so don't worry.

Your body comprises several tissue types, each with a different electrical conductivity, such as muscle, fat, and water. The resistance that BIA measures these tissues present to the electrical current.

BIA determines your body's muscle, fat, and water proportions using the information gathered. This knowledge is invaluable for anyone serious about strength training and muscle growth.

BIA divides your weight into muscle mass, fat mass, and water weight. Standard weight scales simply show your total weight. You can precisely track your muscular increases due to this thorough breakdown.

You can set precise muscle-building goals with BIA. You can adjust your workout regimens and nutritional intake to accomplish your goals by routinely tracking your muscle mass. You can correctly calculate your body fat percentage and choose between dieting, maintaining caloric intake, and building muscle.

Seeing your muscle growth represented numerically on paper may be genuinely motivating. It helps you stick to your training schedule by turning your abstract fitness goals into concrete achievements.

Consider using Alpha Progression, our unique strength training app, to get the most out of your efforts. This app was specifically created for people like you who want to optimize their workouts based on their changing body composition. It guarantees that you get the most out of each session.

It takes more than lifting weights to build muscle. You must also understand your body and make wise choices. You'll be well-equipped to effectively accomplish your strength training goals by utilizing the power of BIA and Alpha Progression.

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