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Pre fatigue

Pre fatigue

Pre-exhaustion, or pre-fatigue, is frequently employed in strength training to target particular muscles before compound exercises. Using this method, you work out an isolated muscle group until it becomes fatigued before switching to a complex exercise that works out numerous muscle groups.

Pre-fatigue is used to isolate and target a particular muscle group that can be a weaker link in a compound exercise. You can ensure that the targeted muscle group is highly exerted before other, stronger muscle groups take control during the compound exercise by first fatiguing it.

Using the example of the chest muscles will help you to understand pre-fatigue. You can perform an isolation exercise like dumbbell flys or cable crossovers before the bench press if you want to focus your chest directly during the workout. Pre-fatiguing the chest muscles ensures they will be more actively engaged and fully utilized throughout the ensuing complex workout.

This method can be helpful for people who want to give particular muscles top priority for development or who have a lagging muscle group. The targeted muscles can be more effectively challenged during the compound movements by being fatigued beforehand, which could result in enhanced muscle activation and possibly more muscular growth.

Pre-fatigue should be utilized carefully and strategically, it's vital to remember. The targeted muscle group may be stressed, and preparing carefully to avoid overexertion and potential injury could be necessary. 

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