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Resistance bands

Resistance bands

Resistance bands (also called TheraBands) are elastic bands that you can use to exercise your body. They are also often used in rehabilitation therapy to stretch certain muscles or improve mobility, so their range of application is very wide.

These bands come in different colors and thicknesses. They are suitable for any level of training. They are lightweight and compact, and therefore an ideal type of equipment for outdoor or home workouts. You can use bands in several different ways.

You can perform a range of exercises with resistance bands and strengthen all your muscles. However, they are best suited for isolation exercises such as biceps curls or triceps presses, as you can train these muscle groups well with a low load.

For larger muscle groups, it becomes increasingly difficult in the long run to provide a significant training stimulus with resistance bands because stability is often the limiting factor and the weight jumps with band sets are usually very high.

In addition, bands have an unfavorable resistance curve: In the end position the resistance is at its highest and in the beginning position the resistance is at its lowest.

So if the possibility exists, you should rely on regular strength training with weights to optimally build muscle.

However, resistance bands are a very good way to promote blood flow to your muscles (the pump). This is especially important before bodybuilding competitions or photo shoots. Usually, no other equipment is available at such events, which is why bands are ideal.

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