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General warm up

General warm up

It's crucial to warm up your body before a strength training session to get ready for the upcoming exercises. One of the most common warm-up techniques is the general warm-up.

Light cardiovascular exercises, which increase your heart rate and warm up your muscles, are part of a general warm-up. In this regimen, you can include exercises like jogging, cycling, or using an elliptical machine.

A general warm-up is performed to raise the overall body temperature gradually, to boost blood flow to the muscles, and to enhance joint mobility. You can prepare your body for the following intense workout by performing a general warm-up. There are some significant advantages to including a general warm-up in your routine.

Your heart rate increases during modest aerobic exercise, increasing the amount of blood pumped to your muscles. Your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients from the increased blood flow, which improves their performance as you exercise.

Dynamic movements that gradually stretch your muscles and joints are a common component of warm-up exercises. By enhancing your flexibility and range of motion, you lower your risk of experiencing an injury when performing strength training exercises.

A general warm-up helps you perform better physically by gradually raising your heart rate and body temperature. Your muscles become more elastic, allowing you to generate more power and strength during your workout.

Remember that a general warm-up should last 5 to 10 minutes and be adjusted for your fitness level. Select exercises to work the main muscle groups you'll use during your strength training session.

It is crucial to incorporate this step into your strength training routine. Give priority to a general warm-up at the start of each session by dedicating 5–10 minutes. You will get the most out of your workout and effectively prepare your body for the upcoming challenges.

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