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A key component of strength training is exercise technique/form. You can lift more weight, gain muscle more quickly, and lower your risk of injury by using proper technique. Good technique guarantees that you will target the correct muscles and that your movements will be effective.

For example, when practicing the Squat, you should maintain a straight back and an uplifted chest while pushing your hips back and lowering your body. This will help you train your glutes and quads without placing enormous pressure on your lower back.

The range of motion (ROM) is another essential element of your technique. This refers to the distance between the starting and ending position of a given exercise. To get the most out of each exercise, ensure you use the fullest possible range of motion. For example, when doing Curls for your biceps, move your arm from a fully stretched position to a position where your biceps are maximally contracted.

Strength training is the best way to increase your fitness level and gain muscle. But it's essential to remember that strength training involves more than just lifting heavy objects. The weight you are lifting and your technique are both crucial.

You can maximize the benefits of your strength training and make faster progress toward your goals by paying close attention to form (including ROM) and other essential aspects of good technique.

The Alpha Progression App shows you how to lift weights correctly with perfect form by explaining the correct technique with videos and written instructions.

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