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Circuit training

Circuit training

Circuit training is a style of conditioning workout that was invented in the 1950s. With this training method you usually train your entire body, either alone or in a group. With circuit training you strengthen your muscles, but also increase your endurance. Your cardiovascular system benefits enormously from this training method.

In circuit training, several stations are set up. As a rule, you train at five to twelve different stations throughout the workout, but the number can vary.

Different exercises are selected that together work your entire musculature. These exercises are performed either with your own body weight or with additional training equipment.

You start the circuit training with the first station. You perform the exercise at the first station until you reach a certain rep goal or until you reach a certain time limit. The most common method of circuit training is the time target. That is, you try to do the maximum number of reps in a short time. As a rule, the training time of an exercise is about 60 seconds.

After the time is up, you move to the next station or exercise. Again you set the timer and try to do as many reps as possible on this new exercise. You repeat this process until you have completed all stations.

Between the exercises there is no pause, or only a short pause of about 30 seconds. After a complete pass, there is a pause of approximately 1-3 minutes. Then you repeat the whole process. Circuit training consists of a total of two to five passes through each station.

Popular exercises for circuit training are box jumps, various push-up variations, crunches, or burpees. With some equipment, exercises such as side raises, lunges, or biceps curls can also easily be incorporated into circuit training.

The intensity of circuit training can be increased over time. After a few weeks, for example, the number of repetitions can be increased or the breaks can be shortened. Thus, both beginners and advanced athletes can train in a circuit.

You can also build muscles with this training method. However, classic strength-training is much better for muscle hypertrophy.

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