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Best way to build huge arms

Best way to build huge arms

Almost every strength athlete dreams of them: Thick and trained upper arms. However, there are many myths about building arm muscles.

Does it make sense to include a dedicated arm day? Should you always train to absolute muscle failure? Musculus biceps brachii and Musculus triceps brachii require adequate training in any case.

However, scheduling an entire workout just for the two muscle groups makes little sense. Rather, you should focus on nutrition, proper training frequency and isolation exercises to effectively build arm muscles!

  • Calorie surplus with adequate protein intake
  • Isolation exercises for better muscle growth
  • Mind muscle connection for better muscle feeling
  • Range of motion for maximum stimulation of biceps and triceps
  • Regeneration for more arm muscles

The diet must be right

It may be banal, however, muscle building only works with a calorie surplus. If you do not constantly eat more than you expend, you will not make any gains.

If you want to build your arm muscles, in addition to the calorie surplus, you should also focus on a high-protein diet. Without this foundation, you won't get the results you want.

Isolation exercises for biceps and triceps are key

We often train our arms unconsciously. Especially in multi-joint exercises such as the Bench Press or Shoulder Press, we involve the triceps as an auxiliary muscle in the complex movement sequence.

Although the arm muscles are used, they are not sufficiently stimulated.

Therefore, it is essential that we additionally train biceps and triceps in isolation. It is a good idea here to use the pre-fatigue from the previous exercises. This way you can focus on the arms at the end of the workout.

Since biceps and triceps are smaller muscle groups, they can be trained more frequently. Here, the frequency per week is more important than the sheer volume. You can schedule 3 sets for biceps and triceps for each workout if needed.

Increase training frequency

How often you should perform isolation exercises also depends on your genetics. Those who can build arm muscles quickly need to rely less on higher frequency than athletes who are less blessed.

Let's take an upper / lower plan as an example. This is trained four times a week (2x upper body and 2x lower body). During the upper body workouts you do 3 sets of Biceps Curls and 3 sets of Triceps Presses. So you hit the target muscles regularly twice a week.

You can now increase the frequency by doing an additional 3 sets for the biceps and triceps during the lower body workouts. This way you can create an even bigger stimulus and build arm muscles faster. Instead of twice a week, you train your weak point four times.

Avoid imbalances and train biceps and triceps equally. This will make your arms look more aesthetic and muscular!

Harness the Mind Muscle Connection

During the isolation exercises, focus on targeting the muscle. In this way you will learn to feel the target muscles even better and also activate more muscle cells.

Conversely, this means improved stimulation. The training weight is not the decisive factor here. Concentrate entirely on the exercise and the muscle contractions.

Make sure you have the right exercise selection and a good range of motion

When selecting exercises, focus on an adequate range of motion. This way, you'll work your biceps and triceps significantly more.

In the end, you also achieve more microtrauma in the muscles. This results in improved muscle growth through a higher stimulus. This is how you quickly achieve success.

To find the ideal exercises, you should take a look at our Alpha Progression app. Here you will find a wide range of exercises to build your arm muscles more effectively.

For biceps, try Incline Curls. This exercise allows a very good range of motion and makes it almost impossible to cheat.

Regeneration is also important

If you don't give your body enough time to recover between workouts, this will also have a negative effect on your muscle growth. Due to the fact that biceps and triceps are among the smaller muscles, the recovery period is not as long. So you can safely train them four times a week without getting into overtraining unless the volume is too high.


Let's be clear: You don't need a full arm day or very high volume to effectively build arm muscles. Rather, you should wisely incorporate high-frequency isolation exercises into your workouts.

Thus, you can set the desired stimulus more often. You train more efficiently and also prevent injuries. It is very useful to focus on a good mind muscle connection and range of motion when doing isolation exercises for biceps and triceps.

This is how you get the maximum benefit from your exercises. Like the training itself, both nutrition and recovery are elementary in this case. Without taking these three pillars into account, you will not build great arm muscles.