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Podcast #118 – Mat Fraser: The fittest man on earth

21 Feb 2022

Show notes

5-time CrossFit Games champion, Mat Fraser, talks about:

▹ Mat's fascinating journey with all ups and downs

▹ A typical full week of training before a competition

▹ His training routine as a retired athlete

▹ Why he's so enormously muscular

▹ How he managed to eat more in one day than most people in an entire week

▹ Fixed meal plan vs. IIFYM

▹ Bulking and cutting as a CrossFit athlete?

▹ Snickers vs. Mars

▹ How he dealt with mental stress from high expectations

▹ Why he considered quitting early on in his sports career

▹ What job would he have chosen if he had not become an athlete?

▹ His plans for the upcoming years

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