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Full body split

Full body split

With a full-body workout plan, you train all of your muscles, or the majority of your muscles, on any given day. A full-body workout for beginners usually consists of about 5-8 exercises. Three sets of 8-15 reps per exercise should be sufficient.

A full-body workout plan is ideal for beginners to build muscle effectively. In the heyday of bodybuilding (1930-1960), people sometimes relied only on a full-body plan. Personalities like Leroy Colbert and Reg Park were known to have built an aesthetic body using only full-body training.

Even one of the most famous bodybuilders, Arnold Schwarzenegger, started with a full-body plan and still recommends such a plan for beginners. A full-body plan is excellent for beginners because you can evenly strengthen the muscles over your entire body.

Beginners usually have fairly weak muscles. With a full-body plan, your primary muscles will be strengthened. In addition, you will lay the foundation for using a training split later on. Furthermore, you'll avoid the risk of muscular imbalances. To train many muscle groups in one day without the workout becoming too long, you should focus on compound exercises. Compound exercises include Squats, Bench Press, and Deadlifts. These exercises are important because they work multiple muscle groups at once.

You can also incorporate isolation exercises into your training plan. In these exercises, you train your muscle groups in isolation. These exercises include, e.g., Curls for the biceps or Triceps Extensions for the triceps. However, be careful not to perform too many isolation exercises; otherwise, your workout will take far too long.

Unlike in a split plan, you should do a full-body workout only two or three times a week. Make sure you take 48-72 hours between training sessions to recover. This will help you to build muscle effectively.

Furthermore, a full-body workout is suitable for helping beginners to internalize movement sequences and to get a better feeling for the movement and the muscles used.

Since the focus is on the basic exercises and a few isolation exercises, you can concentrate on perfecting these exercises first. A split training plan can be confusing for many beginners because of the variety of different exercises. Good technique is essential for building muscle and minimizing the risk of injury.

With the Alpha Progression app, you can get an ideal full-body plan to help you build muscle optimally.

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