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Training boosters or pre-workout boosters are dietary supplements that can increase your training performance. A basic distinction is made between focus boosters and pump boosters. Often you can find both variants in one product. A booster is taken about 20-30 minutes before an upcoming workout.

However, before reaching for a booster, you should be aware of the ingredients, possible risks, and side effects. Some guidelines determine which ingredients are legal in Europe.

Dimethylamylamine, also known as methylhexanamine, or DMAA for short, is one of the banned ingredients. It increases blood pressure and is suspected of leading to heart attacks and strokes. So always make sure to use legal pre-workout boosters.

A focus booster provides better focus. It can increase your concentration and energy level during workouts. Primarily, the ingredients caffeine, tyrosine, guarana, or taurine are included in such a booster.

So that your body better absorbs the caffeine, boosters for focus often contain vitamin B and so-called adaptogens. These additionally reduce stress and possible discomfort after the effect of the booster wears off.

A focus booster can also be used outside of training for concentrated work, e.g., when studying.

On the other hand, a pump booster provides better blood flow during strength training, the so-called pump. It contains neither caffeine nor other stimulants. In a pump booster, mainly amino acids such as citrulline and arginine are used.

The biggest positive effect of a pre-workout booster on your performance comes from caffeine. So instead of a booster, you could also consume coffee or caffeine tablets. To get the pumping effect of a booster, you could make your own pre-workout booster with citrulline and arginine, for example. This way, you could adjust the dosage to your own body.

Be careful when consuming pre-workout boosters! You should not consume boosters in too high quantities or too regularly, especially if they are highly dosed. Excessive consumption can lead to addiction, sleep disorders, and other health side effects.

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