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Intelligent strength training

The best muscle-building app to plan and track your workouts.

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Best plan generator for hypertrophy

Get a plan that's science-based and 100% custom to your needs.

Most intuitive gym logger

Track every set and make optimal gains with our progression recommendations.

Huge curated exercise database

The 550+ best exercises for hypertrophy, each with video and instructions, perfectly cataloged.

Analyze your progress

Recognize correlations, optimize your training and stay motivated with our charts.

Alpha Progression Strength training app start screen Alpha Progression Strength training app start screen
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Alpha Progression muscle building plan generator and editor
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Alpha Progression muscle building plan generator and editor
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Alpha Progression muscle building plan generator and editor
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Alpha Progression muscle building plan generator and editor
Our users love Alpha Progression

Great overview! Creates really good training plans. The app motivates and ensures that you'll never plateau in the gym!

Carl998 · 2021 · iOS


Best app for training. Especially as a beginner it helps to structure the training.

Kevin N. · 2021 · Android


The app is very easy to understand and the algorithm works really well.

Highly recommended 👍

Hakus87 · 2021 · iOS


Top training app! Been using it for 2 years now. New features arrive frequently, which improves the app even more.

Julian K. · 2021 · Android


Been using the app for almost 3 years, just can't imagine training without it anymore.

Texas R. · 2021 · Android


Perfect to track your workouts. The progression recommendations put an end to the guessing work.

I highly recommend this app!

Timo L. · 2021 · iOS


Great App! A great tool for every workout, helps to optimize your own workout and make progress. Clear recommendation!

Nicole W. · 2021 · Android


Super App. Well thought-out down to the smallest detail. You can tell that the developers are lifters themselves 😬👍

Sperzi · 2021 · iOS


Still in the trial and already absolutely convinced. Will get the yearly subscription. For me the ideal training app.

Wenke K. · 2021 · Android


I've tried many apps but none were so easy to use and comprehensive.

Tracking workouts is a breeze. Mega 👍

andreae. · 2021 · iOS


Super well thought-out app. Tracking your workouts is made so much easier!

Anton G. · 2021 · Android


Best workout app I've ever used!

Ste Fa · 2021 · Android


Took my training to a new level! Extremely comprehensive app, I really recommend it!

Philipp.v.Q. · 2021 · iOS


Tried many apps but was never really satisfied with any of them until I came across this app.

Everything is just great. Definitely recommend it!

nucegb23 · 2021 · iOS


Extremely good training app. Clear, nice layout and got all the features you need.

Alex · 2021 · Android


I've been looking for an app like this for a long time, so I can leave pen and notebook at home.

Very clear and easy to use.

Davut K. · 2021 · iOS


Fantastic app, easy to use and a great help in the gym.

Dejan U. · 2021 · Android


Been looking for an app like this for a long time! The best thing is, I can share my workout routines with others. Also, no more writing down with pen and paper 👌 Mega!!! 5 🌟

SissiD. · 2021 · iOS


Probably the smartest app on the market. Been making progress like I haven't in years. Top.

Michael F. · 2021 · Android


A very good app, exactly what I was looking for. Explained really well incl. exercise videos.

A dream come true, especially for beginners. Thank you very much.

Macmac1978 · 2021 · iOS


Best app for strength training / bodybuilding / fitness! Thanks to the algorithm, progression is guaranteed. If you don't use it you're missing out

smars87. · 2021 · iOS


Really good app, nice and clear, self-explanatory, definitely worth it 👍

Bamshad A. · 2021 · Android


The best training app I've used so far.

Absolutely well thought-out and tailored to the needs of strength athletes.

Nerdtorious · 2021 · iOS


Clear and intuitive. Frequent updates and a great community. The best training app so far!

Marvin J. S. · 2021 · Android

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